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Watch Out For This Con Trick | Blog by Web Designer Gethyn Jones

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Watch Out For This Nasty Con Trick

con trick

Hardly a day goes by without some suspicious email dropping into my inbox blatantly trying to rip me off in some way or another. Luckily, I'm able to smell this kind of thing a mile off.

However, it worries me that some website owners who will also inevitably receive this kind of garbage - might just give it some thought. If you're not an experienced web designer you couldn't be blamed for opting on the side of caution and fall for one of these tossers' scams.

Click on this link and see the actual document that I received today - telling me that my website is at risk unless I cough up the necessary SEO fee.

As ever, unless you've entered into a written and legal contract with a web service provider, the email demanding extra money should be delted immediately!

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